• Shine model joint with Evergrande,expected to plan numbers of regions Evergrande Fairyland
    Shine model joint with Evergrande,expected to plan numbers of regions Evergrande Fairyland
    TIME: 2017 - 08 - 12

     Shine model joint with Evergrande,expected to plan numbers of regions Evergrande Fairyland

    Evergrande Group preliminary planning and construction of a number of areas of Evergrande Fairyland, international conference center, international exhibition center, theme square, rare characteristic botanical garden, cultural and entertainment city, cultural and commercial street, waterfront commercial street, waterfront bar street, international High-end brand hotels, holiday hotels, shopping centers, tourism products, commercial centers and hot spring towns and other cultural tourism industry projects.

    Shine model joint with Evergrande,expected to plan numbers of regions Evergrande Fairyland

    After the completion of the project, it will become a large-scale comprehensive project integrating cultural tourism, cultural creativity, ecological leisure and commercial service.Each year will drive the number of tourists around the growth of 15 million people, will usher in a new round of the theme of tourism.


    Shine model joint with Evergrande,expected to plan numbers of regions Evergrande Fairyland

    The Evergrande Fairyland project model, Shine model is producing now ,follow-up will be on this site to show more vivid model, please pay attention to us, need cooperation can also contact us.





  • Built structure
    Built structure
    TIME: 2017 - 07 - 22

     Built structure

    Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and structures like gates, bridges, and other things that are built. Sometimes, the areas surrounding the building, such as paths and gardens, are included in the design too.

    The Colosseum, Rome, Italy People in different countries and periods of history have designed buildings in different styles. This may depend on the climate, the materials available for building, and fashion.

    Structures built by humans are broadly divided into categories because of their varying design approaches and standards:
    • Residential buildings
    • Commercial buildings and complexes
    • Industrial buildings, sites and installations
    • Civil constructions
    • Network infrastructure constructions









  • Shine Hi-tech won the bid of "Dazhou Science Museum"   Initial Explore The Time And Space And Future
    Shine Hi-tech won the bid of "Dazhou Science Museum" Initial Explore The Time And Space And Future
    TIME: 2016 - 09 - 03

    Shine Hi-tech won the bid of "Dazhou Science Museum" Initial Explore The Time And Space And Future

    Recently,"Shine Hi-tech"Shanghai Branch got new heights,they won the bid of decoration and exhibition engineering with Dazhou Science Museum successfully.

    first opening to explore time and space origins, found the technology of light in the future journey. Let us go together into the magical world --"Dazhou Science Museum".

    Project Overview:

    Dazhou Science Museum is located in City West District, the eastern side of Dazhou People's Square, with a total construction area of ??approximately 6480㎡, decoration, exhibition area of ??about 6480㎡, wherein the permanent exhibition hall and teaching activities exhibition area is about 4650㎡ .

    Shine Hi-tech won the bid of

    Dazhou Science Museum exterior shaped of irregular natural diamond, Shine Hi-tech shows as a starting point, the "diamond" elements into museum, designed to create a new bright spot for the Science and Technology Museum memories of the city landscape.

    Shine Hi-tech won the bid of

    Interior design showrooms, Shine Hi-tech worked "explore, innovation, access around the future" as the theme for deepening the extension, outstanding projects of the reasonableness , thematic, playful and practical.

    Shine Hi-tech won the bid of

    To reflect the principle of museum service with "dedicated adolescent innovative ability" , Shine Hi-tech as the main line "touch around technology" , use of interactive tables, interactive walls and other digital sand table integrated system ,allows the viewer can contact with science and technology closely, feeling science and technology experience charm.

    Shine Hi-tech won the bid of

    Rich and colorful project in the hall ,with strong interaction, Shine Hi-tech used circular giant screen 4D cinema, the audience can be personally on the scene, to experience real space shuttle, to show the science and technology with the beauty of Dazhou's present and future.

    Shine Hi-tech won the bid of

    Over the years, Shine Hi-tech has always been to "the creative experts in high-tech exhibition hall" for positioning, focus on the development to become a hi-tech exhibition company that set one of various government projects in the field museum, various categories of showrooms, real estate marketing centers which is in the planning, designing, integration and construction.

    Shine Hi-tech has a number of independent research and development in high-tech exhibition special technology, and one stop digital experience platform, is a high-speed development of highly competitive and technological enterprises.

  • Evergrande Fairyland I
    Evergrande Fairyland I
    TIME: 2018 - 01 - 06

    If you say that Artistry is the art of exquisite handicrafts,

    Then it is in everyone's heart, but also to explain different meanings;

    Like the greenery that grows in the dust, develops branches and branches from the waste water and summons sunlight to come.

    This is a wonderful spiritual experience, it is hazy, chaotic, fresh and beautiful.

    As the role of the Miniature Wunder-land in the development of the Speicherstadt,Shenzhen Shine Model made the Evergrande Fairyland is the same popular in China .

    Evergrande Fairyland I

    Science and technology are the foundations of the time progress,

    Let the boundaries of various things become interdependent; change the way of life, and philosophy.

    Evergrande Fairyland I

    When the two things into the embodiment of time, art leads us to feel the craft,

    The significance of technology, but it has become an innovation.

    The Shine Model, is to create a model industry's technological innovation and art integration.


    Project Overview

    Evergrande Fairyland is the only global theme park for grandchildren, which is the only indoor, all-weather and all-season fairy theme park. Audiences are children aged 2-15. At the same time, Evergrande is also committed to creating the world's largest theme park, the highest grade, the world's top theme fairy tale .

    Evergrande Fairyland I

    Evergrande Fairyland is divided as Bright China, the magic of Western Europe, the mysterious ancient country, adventure South America, roaming the ocean, across the space, Six major areas. Not only multi-angle display of ancient and modern cultural history, but also to explore the future. Incorporated the Chinese culture and history into the Fairyland, allowing children to subtle understanding of Chinese history and culture, also enjoy the exotic style and the future of the wonderful world.

  • Model building stories II
    Model building stories II
    TIME: 2017 - 11 - 20

    A model that was quite intense to make was a historic building in the middle of Amsterdam,Because the building was very old there no reliable drawings to speak of ,I have been to the building myself to set up a picture report documenting every corner and detail of a model carefully to be able to build it back in China.These type of historical buildings include a lot of decorative detail,and from the start it was apparent that this would not be an easy job.

    After taking the pictures of the full building,which included climbing on scaffolding to get transfer the information to my team.Execution included building the basic shape several times to get relations between size of windows,front and back facade,height and width completely right.

    Because of the large scale a lot of details have been made,including the exact way the bricks were assembled(which deviates from the standard).The hardest part was the top of the building were there were details in the facade that were classical sculptures that had elements of fruit and other bounty displayed as this building used to be a traders storage facility.

    We got an artist to make a sample to scale from the pictures I took in clay.From that sample we made a mold ,which we used to cast the details needed.The final result was very photorealistic,and up to this day people still asks me whether this is really a model when they see this picture.

  • Model building stories I
    Model building stories I
    TIME: 2017 - 11 - 14

    AMOD build models all over the world.There are models made by us from Hawaii to Kuwait, and from The Netherlands to India,I have traveled the world sat around the tables with directors of large multinationals and have built models of old historical buildings and new developments alike.

    Model builders are always rushed.There are always deadlines to be made and presentations to catch.One of our best deadline stories happened a few years back when one of my clients from Dubai called me to ask if I was available the next day.When I replied confirmative.he said he was getting on a plane the same night and would arrive the next morning.I picked him up from the airport and we discussed the project he had on hand in the cab and at our workshop.21 tower had to be produced in the span of 10 days ion scale 1:300,After lunch my client simple got on the plane and flew back to Dubai.

    That week we worked day and night to finish the 21 towers in time.Towards the end we figured we needed one more day to finish,which wouldnt leave enough time to have the towers  delivered by courier (which usually takes 3 days).Luckily my life came to our rescue and took the towers in two large suitcases on the plane the day before they had to be delivered.My client picked the suitcases up from the airport just in time for the deadline.

    No matter what it takes,we will always do our utmost to be in time,Sometimes that requires a little improvisation.


  • Models by architects
    Models by architects
    TIME: 2017 - 11 - 10

    Architecture is represent-models cant be avoided.The model service as the medium within which the design process occurs.In other words,the model is the project.

    We try to be self-conscious about the method of representation enacted within a model,and we emphasize this representational framework as the primary construct of design insofar as it limits possible thought.The initial definition of the model in this sense is pretty powerful since it describes the boundaries of freedom for the project.

    Whether or not we are explicitly customizing algorithmic controls or probability.we are much more interested in the process of the production of the model than the finished object,and thus we have developed a taste for setting up unpredictable situations,As a result,the evolution of the model reveals the project.If one understands that any specific project is about the construction of a set of constraints and limits,then the design work is all about how one starts a project-the limits and opportunities,or probability,embedded in representation.

    If you develop a habit of repeatedly putting yourself in the uncomfortable position of not knowing what youre doing when you start a project,every project is about finding a method to define the model,finding a beginning,creating a ground,which is also a future founded on probability,As we go,the more we are trying to dilate this period of uncertainty,making the project more and more about building the ground,and thus keeping the ground unstable for longer and longer.Sometimes the model reveals the object comes only at the very last moment-maybe eventually it will never come,Explicitly integrating probability into the design process is one way of foregrounding the idea of many possible futures.

  • Analog work methods and digital workflow in architectural design IIII
    Analog work methods and digital workflow in architectural design IIII
    TIME: 2017 - 10 - 30

    Sometimes architects use this methods to guide a client to a destination without the doubting,confusion,and disorientation an analog model may imply-the client gets only the information visible from the point of view in that perspective.No general spatial information is specified.The architect is like a GPS device,giving a lot of detail from the left and right of the route but without handing over any special overview like a map.If a client gets lost in the unknown territory of his project because he has only very limited spatial information,the GPS-architect is immediately changing and recalculating the route,providing another set of details.The problem is ,sooner or later a client will always be alone with his project and at least at that point he needs his own coordinates,An analog model is an environmental map- it demands knowledge and interaction but allows one to reach the destination in different,flexible ways.

    Renewal in established processes is often perceived as a nuisance or as useless.Like the prime example of technologic pessimism- who the hell wants to hear actors talk ? of Harry M.Warner of the Warner Brothers about the new sound technology in the movies in 1927 .Our critique is not this kind of a reflexive,bewildered fliching from a new technology nor is it a general conservatism toward a technological renewal.This article should be understood as a description of the state of analog and digital modeling in architectural practice within which we set out the following as out manifesto:

    1. We believe in the future of digital modeling.We know that paperless work doesnt lead automatically to playboy architecture and fashion victim architects,hunting for form or mindless architects creating bimbo structures and being totally enthralled with whatever the beloved machine digitally excretes.

    2. We have to admit that there are major shortcomings in the digital modeling workflow of architectural design.In comparison to pencil,paper,cardboard,and glue,the number crunching computer is a complex but incomplete tool.

    3. The use of physical models are indispensable in architectural design.Whatever the design method of an architectural practice ,whether it be by creating an analog model and then scanning it to digital space, or by first drawing the project in virtual space and then realizing the analog model,the analog model will always be the first step to reality and therefore a key part  of the architectural design process.

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