• Analog work methods and digital workflow in architectural design III
    Analog work methods and digital workflow in architectural design III
    TIME: 2017 - 10 - 27

    This is only a part of the problem,The main disadvantage of the digital work environment is the unsatisfactory human-machine interface.If we want to have a progress and effect interaction with colleagues,clients,or contracts we need 360° access to the object and no 24-inch framed matrix.An analog model permits instant  interactivity and parallel action,Thats why we continue having discussions and presentations with sketches and analog models as in the past centuries.

    In this analytic research on the relation between digital and analog,the designer Otl Aicher  emphasized the close connection of mind and body.He highlighted that the relations between mind and body are so narrow,that,what happens in thinking,will be often described by the language of the hands.In the digital world this link between touching and thinking has been broken up and the real matter has been replaced by the measurable rational values and patterns of the measurable rational values and patterns of the computer algorithms.Only the experience of a touchable model can lead to a real spatial comprehension,That implies that a digital model may help the developing designer but not necessary a client who hasnt enough experience with the translation between real space and its virtual equivalent.Only an analog model provides the opportunity to physically move around it and put into relation the objects three spatial dimensions of length,width and height.You can put it on a table and it is visible,accessible,and touchable simultaneously from every side for everyone.It is not the result of an optical distortion.It is a three dimensional analog environment map.It is evident because it is there to see for everyone.Although precise information may e difficult to understand,a physical or analog model can be read in different,flexible ways and offers the possibility for multiple,individual projections.It is like a toy because it demands the creation of relationships.In exchange it enables an understanding of the spatial and logic relations where the computer model is just a digital matrix.For instance,theres no easier way for students to learn the architectural problem of the assembly of a corner joint than constructing a model.Folding,fillet,or insertion-the practise on the analog model allows one to understand the problem.Without this experience,no BIM (building information modeling)application can help one discover a solution because in the virtual space of a computer assemblage is no problem and everything can be connected with everything.

    The advantages of digital models are their speed and ease of production.A rendered view inserted into a real world scene is instantly and easily understandable while an analog model may need time,energy,and imagination to be read.But a rendered image reduces project information to a specific view axis.At the same time,much secondary information is added Because scale and depth are only expressed by optical illusion and comparison. Persons, animals, cars, trees, chairs, tables, surfaces mappings,depth blur,sun and sky are giving the rendering its readable logic.However,a large amount of important spatial information is hidden because it constrains the observer to the authors specific point of view.It is for this reason that the two dimensional matrix of the perspective has a lack of general evidence in comparison to a three dimensional model.It is therefore possible that the rendered perspectives are getting increasingly hyper-realistic just to hide this gap of evidence.

  • Analog work methods and digital workflow in architectural design II
    Analog work methods and digital workflow in architectural design II
    TIME: 2017 - 10 - 23

    We are living in the glory age of nearly unlimited digital processing power.Not only buildings but also weather,climate,an atomic bomb,genetic heritage,big bang-everything can be digitally modeled.Deep Blue has beaten Kasparov and in a new years there will be enough computing power for artificial intelligence,However ,returning to the typical life as an architect, we are still sitting solitary in front of a 24-inch screen manipulating a two-button-wneel-mouse ,Okay,we have Skype and Google Buzz but beyond this , even the simplest forms of real-time interaction are impossible,Nevertheless,communication and interaction in architectural design are becoming increasingly important because increasing numbers of consultants,specialists and authorities are involved in the design process.

    A wide range of economic,sociologic,physical,and political questions are enlarging the past focus on form and representation of architecture.Therefore,the need for adequate tools of instant interactivity is constantly rising,But precisely this requirement is a major shortcoming of the digital office environment,In the time of immediate data transmission theres still no possibility for the simultaneous work of different people in one digital document.To date,online games like World of Warcraft offer more group work qualities than any 3D or BIM application.It is not that we are dreaming to act and interact on our screens like Tom Cruise in Minority Report or have project discussions on a holodeck,but some additional features of instant interaction in the digital work environment would be time-saving and release a large quantity of creative potential.For most discussions some foam cubes, cardboard,a cutter,and a pencil in the table are far more sophisticated and effective than any Revit,Dassaoult,3ds or Maya system tool.

  • Analog work methods and digital workflow in architectural design I
    Analog work methods and digital workflow in architectural design I
    TIME: 2017 - 10 - 18

    The brzarre thing about living during a revolution is that it is difficult to objectively notice what is happening.When ,in the middle of the 15th century,Gutenberg developed the European version of the mechanical moveable book print,nothing suggested that this would have an influence on the whole Roman Empire.However,it undermined the authority of the mighty Catholic Church by spreading the Bible and books of authors like Luther or Erasmus.It powered up the reformation,it favored the development of modern science;and it headed to a rapid economic,social,and cultural transformation of the whole occidental society.

    With the same unawareness for what would happen in the following decades,the BIM engineer Robert Lloyd welcome the first microprocessor with what the hell is it good for ?in the year 1968.Only later did it become clear that this was the beginning of the digital revolution environment.Now,40 years later, much of our analog mechanical environment has disappeared and been substituted by a disappeared and been substituted by a digital one.In architectural design,like in every other area of life,a wide range of the classic working methods is dismissed .Form drawing boards to fax,most things have been replaced by the far more efficient and polyvalent workstations.Other than the sketchbook,the only analog relic that was endured the digital bang-even in the paperless office-is the physical model.So,here are some ideas about why these analog work methods are still surviving in our brace new digital world.

  • To whom do you show your model?
    To whom do you show your model?
    TIME: 2017 - 10 - 13

    To whom do you show your model?

    Architectural model is not made only to show someone.It is a Tool of communication to deliver opinions and mediate them with yourself,the team or client.It is the 3-dimensional Expression Method to help understand better.

    It becomes the basis when you can judge through seeing directly,without any unnecessary explanations.You can test or even modify the model to these question:which parts need modification?””How can it be developed?,In the initial idea and concept represented well?There is no need to wait for the newer version like sketch or graphics,and you can see the change and development right on the spot.It is also an opportunity for anyone in the team to reorganize their thoughts as well as experience the various designs with everyone.

    Do not be trapped by the methods or materials within the design stage.How well its made is not the important part.What is more important is whether the intentions are represent well? or what were the intensions of using certain materials?Architect needs and material choices.You can see though a modelhow deep did the architect think?and what was the architect thinking when making this ? Model is a work where you can predict and judge not only the intensions but the process and some result as well.

    Architectural model is not only a final product to show the client,but also a tool to smoothen the communication.To have the client understand the project ,drawings ,ideal sketches,perspective,and supplementary explanations are required,At this point,model is the most excellent  way to deliver the meaning of the architects intentions.Whether it is simple Mass Model,or Phase Model that contains some form,material and colors,lots of things can be said between the client and architect,During this process,the architect can take in various opinions,and improve representation methods.

    Usually a Final Model for submission or exhibition use is made with reference to the drawings at the final stage.Although this may be satisfactory in the part where it delivers the final design to the client good enough,a model where only its exterior is decorated cannot be considered a true Architectural Model.The architect doesnt have to waster his time in making this.


  • How to watch the sand table when buying the house
    How to watch the sand table when buying the house
    TIME: 2017 - 10 - 09

    Buy a house for every family is a major thing, choose a set of their most satisfied with the right apartment is all buyers are most concerned. In the purchase of units, the sand table model to give buyers to provide a great guide to help,learn how to watch the sand table model becomes an important thing. Then how to watch the sand table model at sales center ? What is the start point? Shine model is shared with everyone.

    How to watch the sand table when buying the house

        1. Confirmation orientation: Make sure that the sand table model is East-west or the North-south direction, because the orientation will affect the house's lighting and ventilation problems.

        2. Determine whether the proportion of sand table model is made in accordance with the actual planning proportion, which is a very important part. Get a positive answer we can watch the floor distance and the road layout and other basic issues. (tips: general the distance between the buildings is larger proportion than the actual on sand table )

    How to watch the sand table when buying the house

        3. The opening area. Most of the real estate is now in stages, and it is clear the opening area can narrow the scope of our selection, and after an overview of the overall situation, it is convenient for us to focus on the the purchase location and the property planning.

        4. Greening problems. Sand table looks good is because there is a large area of green. It is necessary to know whether the construction of greening in the sand table is consistent with the actual construction, because good green building is more liveable.

    How to watch the sand table when buying the house

        5. Parking problems. Pay attention to the specific location of the parking, and ask the ratio between the number of parking spaces. Then , according to their actual needs to choose to buy near or away from the parking of the property.

        6. Determine the unmarked building. These places are called "small furnishings" ,but what is this ? According to experience, they may be garbage room, substation and central control room like facilities. We can choose according to the actual situation to buy near or away from these facilities of the property.

        7. People and car diversion. No matter how the sand table is displayed, we have to re-determine whether there is any car within the district diversion plan, although the car to be completely divided the small area, but at least let the elderly and children have a walk and play safe space.

        Shine model company focused on a variety of sand table model design for 24 years, with the elite technical team, scientific management methods, advanced technology and equipment for the majority of customers produced a lot of beautiful realistic sand table model in the industry received unanimous praise. In good faith, smile, careful and fast service for the purpose of providing our customers with comprehensive after-sales service.

  • How to make model planes
    How to make model planes
    TIME: 2017 - 09 - 30

    I am very fond of making model planes. now i have had six model planes, four fighters and two bombers. you can hardly tell any difference between my model planes and the real ones at first glance except for their sizes.

    it is very interesting to make model planes. making model planes is not only an interesting thing but also a careful piece of work.

    at first you must cut the parts off from the plastic mould plates. be careful not to break the delicate parts. do not use too much glue, or it will spoil the surface when you glue together the parts according to the instructions. then you can paint them. painting is the most important step. it makes the plane more like a real one. at last a delicate plane will be born in your hands.

    i like making model planes also because i love planes. i have been hoping to be a plane designer ever since i was a child. now i am a senior high school student of grade 3. i have little time to make model planes. i hope to go to college and make real planes for our country in the future

  • When do you make a model ?
    When do you make a model ?
    TIME: 2017 - 09 - 18

       You cannot make and keep all the process models created within the entire design process(from planning stage to construction).The architects progress method is not the same all the time, and depending on the design progress,things that need to be checked are different as well.Exact same modeling work cannot be done either,because the work environment and conditions are different as well.However,model making process is necessary in order to organize and test the architects thoughts as the design plan changes and develops.

       You may think why brother making models when the thoughts are not even straightened out.However, Architectural model begins when the simple and rough models are made to grasp the overall image.These models can include from Landscape Model,Site or Masterplan Model to prepare a location alternative plan, to simple Mass Model for the building.If Modeling work is done simultaneously with plan drawing,then more developed alternatives and form can be expressed.

       Site Model and Masterplan Model allows accurate judgment on the interrelation of the surrounding environments such as site level and shape,traffic and circulation.Mass Model can be said to be the basic work ,various forms resulting form different combinations should be tested,Detailed design elements(from,space,people,decorations,etc) and formative element and imaginations of the architect can be added on as well.Depending on the scale,material,and what the observe intends to see,the model can have very different perspectives even though its the same model.

  • For making an architectural model II
    For making an architectural model II
    TIME: 2017 - 09 - 15

    Various graphic represent are used in architectural practice ,such as 2D CAD,3D graphic simulation ,and even sketch program that is used for creating video presentation,Becoming more prominent,BIM(building information modeling)

    Combines from design process to construction,creating a network system which can be maintained more easily than before.This eliminates the traditional handmade product and shifts all representation method to digital works,The use of computer is merely a tool to create drawings or related cannot become the absolute that doesnt need any other tools.As a result,no realistically final product is made that meets the architects talent and design improvement.Of cause,realistically ,computer graphic is necessary ,but it cannot be an alternative in representing the architects sensitivity and thoughts.

    Architectural model  transforms the observers perspective into various ways, and arouses extensive imagination like a stimulant. However,because these diversity can create confusion and have the observer believe the model to be 100% real due to its 3-dimensionality,people are being careful in some places. Nevertheless,the design process should be undertaken with these various perspective and imaginations.Modeling work within design process is achieved through coordination of basic design elements ,as sketches and drawing are made,It is the actual making of the design elements that are places and coordinated through the architects modeling senses,creating expansive combinations. Architectural model is the ultimate representation method to find and identify the alternatives of these combinations.

    In order to practice architectural properly,one has to acquire and test various representation method techniques,with a model as the basis.It is essential to not only architectural students ,but also to architects at work,All architectural representations,including models, should be used within the design process with relation and interactions with each other.Each representation and technique should be considered as a field within architectural.that is necessary in order to create true architecture.

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