产品名称: Oriental City
时间: 2016 - 10 - 11
Model Scale 1:70Model Size 21m*21m Project Overview:Oriental City - with the rise of the eastern part of the potential, with E (earth), A (air), S (sea), T (town) for residential connotation, built cities of the spirit and mind, writing a new territory world ninth harbour residential area, Fuzhou residential building "EAST" type for the quality of life of newcastle.Project Highlights:In order to create Fuzhou "Oriental City" and "EAST" type of high quality ...
时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
Model Scale 1:120Model Size 6m*8m Zhongshan Haiya colorful city project includes large-scale fashion department store, large-scale life supermarket, commercial pedestrian street, big theater, movie city, large home appliance trading center, large-scale Chinese and western restaurants, food street, bar street, large home shopping Ice skating rink, large-scale leisure and entertainment plaza, and other formats. After the completion of the project, the radiation of the Pearl River Del...
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Model Scale 1:110Model Size 3.14m*4.4m Shenzhen property Qianhai Harbour Garden located in Qianhai FTA and Shekou FTA , enjoying one sea ,two mountains and Six Parks, northern cross a road from Qianhai international financial center, southwest of Shekou International living area,under the protecting of double FTA areas, The development space of value is unlimited in the future.Shenzhen property Qianhai Harbour Garden with surrounding traffic from the "sea, land and air," ...
产品名称: Changtai Spring
时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
Model Scale 1:80Model Size 6.5m*5.5m Project Overview:Changtai Spring is located in No. 36 Shandong Road,Guilin City, adjacent to the City Sports Center, Seven Star Park, Nancheng Department Store, witha regional location. The introduction of "urban villa" advanced concept, Shine Model efforts to build a small high-rise residential, luxury double-door family.
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
The representative show piece of 2010 world Expo in Shanghai museum ,Ningxia hall will be divided into 2 layer, unique feature and the appearance of Ningxia Hui Islamic geographical characteristics with lively simple while mass-tone, and a glowing glass array from “The Yellow River”, in addition ,all the door arch were design as Islamic architecture style.Ningxia house takes the “New moon color of the sky.” “Wind in the borderline”, “Quietness” as the main line, shows the urban development and p...
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
This is elaborating project made bu Shine Model, the overall model is simple constructing with conceptualization. Shine selecting different model-building materials, perform the different functions respectively of main building. To avoid building shape boring, create different building facades, with different intensity colors of light for contrasting, to enhance the appearance of the whole model.The water, green, transportation in the project use a simple color concepts, the whole model with ...
时间: 2016 - 10 - 11
Model Scale 1:110Model Size 6.4m*7.8mPlanning model within the landscape ecological engineering, Shine model use of "five-level green" planting, showing the region's rich landscape greening level. "The curving alley pass through the profound secluded place," Shine present a comprehensive of the natural oxygen ecoligical bar with"Beautiful country"
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
The Dongguan eco-park is the largest water treatment with artificial wetland in China, The change between “Water” and ecological industry park is closely linked, Thus, “water” as the soul and clues of whole creation and designing for the exhibition hall. Though “water” changes of moving and quiet, given the vitality of the exhibition hall, and shows the orientation, ecology, water management method and vision planning.The exhibition hall interior designed with ecological, environmental and techn...
产品名称: Thaihot Xia Men Yard
时间: 2016 - 10 - 12
Model Scale 1:100Model Size 4.2m*3.4m Project Overview:Thaihot · Xiamen Yard is the top-grade product of "Yard Series", which is well-built by Thaihot who is China Top 50 Real Estate Group. The concept of "royal style, Chinese style and modern interpretation" is embodied in the overall design, forming the unique " West rather than foreign "architectural style. The project covers an area of 170,000 square meters. Upon completion, it will become the la...
时间: 2016 - 10 - 27
Model Scale 1:1500Model Size 7m*14m
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Model Scale 1:2000Model Size 9m*15m A perfect design must have vitality both common and characteristic. Under view of Jinjiang city, should respect the architectural form, outstanding Jinjiang culture characteristics. This design respect of the original foundation item, outline Jinjiang planning museum unique features, and more perfect. After re-engineering, Jinjiang planning museum become more open and inclusive, highlight after 20 years reform and opening up, Jingjiang developed in...
Planning Model
  • Shenzhen Longgang planning exhibition hall
    Shenzhen Longgang planning exhibition hall

    Longgang is located in northeast Shenzhen, the import node in eastern coast of the Pearl River Delta economic circle, that connected with the channel west bank economic zone, to be the important channel, know as the “Shenzhen pear”. To welcome the 26th World University Games, Longgang planning exhibition hall was invested in upgrading, mainly shows all kinds of planning and construction achievements in recent years. It is a communication platform and bridge between the citizens and planning technology, the window of Longgang construction achievements.

    For the creative theme, gripping the functions of the exhibition hall, with “Planning For Longgang” as the theme, divided the exhibition hall into the past, the planning, construction, diversity, opportunity and blessing to Longgang, Combined time axis with “the past-now-future” development, Naturally and orderly show the brilliant and forethought achievements with Longgang.

    The exhibition hall was designed simply, fashionably and demurely, combined multimedia digital technology and physical show items stereo display style, Such as sand table, stereo space, ultra narrow side LCD screen, smart interactive screen,180°immersive movie hall etc, make the limited space bearing more information capacity, so that visitors can understand the planning and development of Longgang deeply.

  • luxury town
    luxury town


    Project Name: luxury town
    Project Location: Dafang County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province
    Design team: Shine Model (Shenzhen company)
    Sand table Scale: landscape 1: 500 building 1: 540
    Sand table size: 3m * 4m

    Project Overview:
    National style town - Luxury town is to help generous another key project by Evergrande Group . With the respect of Shexiang lady and infinite love of GuYi land, but also to inherit and the profound of the GuYi culture, since December 2015, Evergrande invested huge amounts of money to invest in planning and construction area of 526,000 square meters of luxury town, so that a long history of local culture and the county's economic of social development is in-depth integration.

    During the luxury town sand table model project, Shenzhen shine model company integrate into the unique cultural elements of GuYi, and the local residential unique slope roof, small green tiles and other architectural features, highlight the "people-oriented, advocating nature" concept from sand table . In combination with the characteristics of Guizhou residential areas, such as resettlement area, commercial / educational / medical and other supporting areas, nursing homes and children's welfare homes, reduced to 1: 540, then displayed on the sand table.

    Luxury town sand table on a large area of ecological forest scene production, Shenzhen model company is based on the original terrain, selected local characteristics of green "planting" to create a natural ecological beauty. At the same time learn from the standard view of landscape design, to "five green" approach to create luxury Square, ancient post road and other sections of the landscape environment, combined with local culture and architectural style, and carefully create a livable, leisure style town.


  • Xinghe Mountain Bay
    Xinghe Mountain Bay


    Project Name: Xinghe Mountain Bay
    Project Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong
    Design team: Shine model (Shenzhen model company)
    Sand table production scale: 1: 250
    Sand table production size: 5.98m * 4.48m

    Project Overview:
    Xinghe Mountain Bay project is located in Guangzhou City, Nansha District of the core area, with perfect landscape, transportation, supporting resources. Set the theme of the garden, characteristics of business, high-quality community as one, covering an area of about 36 million square meters, is a large living community with low-density,High green, high comfort .

    Model design:
    Xinghe Mountain Bay real estate project developed by the Shenzhen shine model Group, Guangzhou Galaxia Bay project shows large-scale characteristics of the sand table. Look at the exhibition hall, with a elegant base of the sand table proudly presented, from the hold up a distribution of aristocratic temperament of the Gulf area, leading the audience into a high-quality luxury life top hall.

    Guangzhou Xinghe Mountain Bay sand table as a whole building for the modern style, rows of exquisite luxury single-family, townhouses, sea view houses and other residential,under the multimedia blooming, it becomes more dignified and precious. Around the residential is the East High School, Nansha Bus Terminal, cruise ship port and other supporting facilities, while the integrated use of watermark paper and multimedia lighting, highly restored waterfront commercial street landscape.

    Resplendent gray road and wide accessible acrossing the sand table. Exquisite workmanship, the real image of the communication line, as well as the personality of the real car, etc., are highlighting the entire Bay area of high-end and extravagance. Choose a variety of tropical style seedlings to build the marine style ecological garden, intimate around the residential, road and waterfront tourist belt, to bring a bustling bay area, green natural beauty, the achievements of the international Bay area in high quality mountain Mercure.


  • HENG SHENG Bashang Street Global Center
    HENG SHENG Bashang Street Global Center

    Model Scale: 1:100

    Model Size: 9.8X6.6M

    Hengsheng global center project is located in the east Bashang street Mingguang Road, west of Chuzhou Road, north to the Yangtze River Road, South Wuhu Road, covers an area of 246 acres, a total construction area of 1 million 300 thousand square, Hengsheng Bashang project will become a global center to a large business center downtown, the two separated in the Yangtze River East Avenue on both sides of the 68-tier Twin Towers, will be erected Hefei "first height", another iconic building in Hefei, Hefei new " door"..

  • Grade China International Group(GCIG)
    Grade China International Group(GCIG)

    Model Scale 1:100

    Model Size 4.5m*3.5m

    GICG was located in the axes of Shenzhen center.Overall floorage is 310 thousand m2.This item was equipped with helipad for 2000 m2, green square for 17000m2 ,underground shopping center for 20000 m2,and dinning hall with seating capacity for more than 1000 people repast.Square owns superior surroundings: north adjacent to citizen renter,embrace with grass square in center area with more than 20 thousand hectares.South to Shenzhen exhibition center with 260 thousand m2 ,Metro line 1 and line 4 were confluent in the below position of square,to achieve integrate with metro network .

  • Merchants OCT Hongshan 6979
    Merchants OCT Hongshan 6979


    Project Name: Merchants OCT Hongshan 6979
    Project Location: Shenzhen
    Project entrusted party: Shenzhen City Investment Overseas Chinese Town Investment Co., Ltd
    Overall model scale: 1: 160
    Overall model size: 5.1 * 2.9
    Marketing Center Area Sand Table Model: 4 * 3
    Sand table model production time: 2017
    Model Producer: Shine model (Shenzhen model company)
    Key words: paint base table,area sand table, marketing center sand table ,overall model

    Background of the project:
    Hongshan 6979 commercial project is third co-operation between OCT investment real estate and China Merchants Property Developmen, to develop Longhua lifestyle street, it is in good combination, they use two sides of their own experience and resources, complementary win situation, the building set the commercial, Office, residence, entertainment, culture and other functions in a comprehensive street; the project followed the happy coastal model, located as LifeStyle cultural district, which contains a small exhibition hall and the display hall, the area was more than 3000 square meters ,the rest for the business, hotel, office, business apartments.

    Sand table making ideas:
    Merchants OCT 6979 project sand table with full realistic production, the use of static and dynamic to combination the romantic cultural district atmosphere and the dynamic subway station integration;the form of light is different from the quiet residential and bustling commercial complex; During the sand table production, Business complex roof with green lawn, remain the memory into the Nordic medieval turf house, and nature into a period, a little romantic and a little mysterious, as if in the forest. Full of romantic feelings, the integration of man and nature together.

    Creative and dynamic subway model, through the middle of the vegetation in the green, bring the people from the bustling city suddenly into the quiet and beautiful nature,make us feel happy .The Blue glass curtain wall with lights bright; warm light under the bottom of the shop clearly visible.Shine team changes the light and the quietness of the house and the shops in the tall coconut trees.


  • LCD screen
    LCD screen

    LCD screen is the LCD screen. LCD configuration is placed in two parallel liquid crystal glass which, two intermediate glass has many vertical and horizontal fine wire through the energization or not to control the rod-shaped crystal molecules change direction, will produce light reflecting screen.


    LCD screen applied to the surface of the water project model case, bigger dynamic simulation of the effect of water or water area of the show, we can clearly realize Smart and natural water bodies. For example we saw above model case of wild game, perfectly clear blue waters of the dynamic effects, is to screen high-definition LCD with an effective combination of digital sand table, through the use of irregular splicing systems, display systems and synchronization of bit recognition system, water body module fresh, natural and full of vitality.

    Extensive use of the LCD screen, can make up for lack of raw materials and design, on the one hand, it can achieve the original model material (such as raw Watermark paper) showing the effect can not be achieved, on the other hand, the LCD screen can be reused the concept of "innovation, environmental protection, re-use" design style, the planning concept of the project up to a deeper meaning.

    LCD screen has the following four product characteristics:

    1, high-brightness

    2, high-definition (N × M stitching, up to 1920 × N)

    3, long life

    4, stable operation, low maintenance costs

  • HUA KAI Xiangyang World
    HUA KAI Xiangyang World

    Project introduction: The project is located between Jiefang Road and Yanjiang Avenue in Fancheng District of Xiangyang City. It runs along the Yangtze River in the south, opposite to Xiangcheng River, to the north of Qiaobei Road and north to Jiefang Road.The project is a reconstruction project of the old city of Friendship Street. The reconstruction of the surrounding environment is centered on the mosque cultural relics protection area. It highlights the characteristics of the Islamic national culture and perfects the supporting facilities in the east, south, west and north.

    Project Highlights:

    The whole set of models is rich in layout and the sketches are lively. Every corner of the city is full of modern city and commercial atmosphere. The lights are bright and colorful, the high-end atmosphere is bright and the color is beautiful. The bright office buildings,combined with the building exterior lights,the entire model sand table exquisitely carved, forgetable.

  • Qujing Evergrande Oasis
    Qujing Evergrande Oasis


    Project Name: Qujing Evergrande Oasis

    Project location: Yunnan, Qujing

    Entrusting party: Qujing Hengda Oasis

    Sand table scale: 1:450

    Sand table size: 1.2m*1.2m

    Design team: Shine model (Kunming model company)

    PProject Overview:
    Qujing Evergrande Oasis project is located in Sanjiang Avenue, in the "Qi Zhan Ma" economic circle Golden Triangle, surrounded by three horizontal and two vertical three-dimensional road network, traffic and travel advantages. Qujing Evergrande Oasis is the seventh project in Yunnan, And also Evergrande to develop Qujing developed the second lake ecological community. In the future, here will be Qujing's deputy center, living value and appreciation potential limitless. Project is made by the Shine Kunming model company.

    Qujing Evergrande oasis sand table for is the first delivery model for Shine Kunming model company, since the establishment of the Kunming branch, our partners who make determined efforts to this lake ecological ecological residential area.

    Qujing Evergrande oasis sand table is elegant high-rise residential, surrounded by green, filling the aristocratic life of fashion; Qujing Evergrande oasis project planning kindergarten, platinum clubs and other supporting exquisite workmanship, small and charming, For the owners to show a complete and high quality Evergrande life experience.

    Qujing Heng Oasis with imported simulation of water and ecological seedlings with clever, reasonable planning, beautifully presented project planning artificial lake, European royal garden and other ecological landscape. Looking around, Qujing Evergrande Oasis model is in the ultimate landscape panoramic view, full of vitality.


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