产品名称: He Nan Shinesun World
时间: 2016 - 10 - 27
Model Size 7.3*5.1M 5.8*3.7M 4.5*2.8M
时间: 2016 - 10 - 14
Model Scale 1:250-1:270 Model Size 15.6mx6.7m Model design:Shine model took the lead from the project's green and landscape on the designing and production. The lush garden landscape, fresh and natural lawn and river landscape, wide asphalt road, exquisite aesthetic street lamp, bridge, to show ecological environment and strong vitality.The building model with warm yellow light is slightly and charming, fully embodies the high-end and galant. The whole model collect the ecological and a...
产品名称: Crystal City
时间: 2016 - 10 - 18
Model Scale 1:15Model Size 0.7m*0.8m Model design:Shine Model present a Crystal City carefully with a variety of apartment. In accordance with the established proportion of elaborate leather sofas, modular tables and chairs, playing TV and other home appliances furniture, warm orange light, and create a warm and romantic home life atmosphere.LOFT design, Shine model use the actual situation of the production method, focusing on the living room, dining room and living room layout, so...
时间: 2016 - 10 - 27
Model Scale 1:350Model Size 4.2m*4.2m
产品名称: Nan Chang Leying Plaza
时间: 2016 - 10 - 27
Model Scale 1:50Model Size 3m*5.5m
时间: 2016 - 11 - 23
Jiaozhaoye East River Town,the landscape planning adopts "a lake,two axes,many veins and high-density species " as the layout to full creat a villa familstyle of more green and high privacy.The project collects three European architectural styles building,French,English and Spanish,which are interspersed and casted the beautiful view with each other,so as to help you to achieve thetruly aristocratic manor house .
时间: 2016 - 10 - 17
Model Scale 1 : 100Model Size 7.5m X 7.5m Project Overview:Heyuan City Commercial Center is located at the junction of Yue Wang Avenue and Yong Kang Road in Dongcheng West Area of Heyuan City. It covers an area of 240,000 square meters and total construction area of 800,000 square meters. It is the largest urban complex (HOPSCA) in northeastern Guangdong project. Heyuan City Business Center Master Planning Concept is to reorganize the city functions of Heyuan City, such as commercial, ...
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Dubai city rail station project, Shine Model pay great attention to detail performance in the process of making. According to a certain proportion to produce precise rotary passenger elevator, escalator, light rail car body, light rail track, which shows the professional and imaginative attitude.On the one hand, tried to meet the functional requirements of the project, while through sculptureand other craft techniques, showing different facades, highlighting the professional-quality of Shine Mod...
时间: 2016 - 10 - 14
Model Scale 1:120Model Size 5.5m*2.5m Project Overview:Bao Cheng City Plaza is located at the junction of Longtan South Road and Yangtan Road in Longyan, Fujian Province. It is a comprehensive urban project built by Longyan Hengbao Group. It covers with a total construction area of 360,000 square meters. . At the same time, planning more than 3,000 underground parking spaces, and strive to build a shopping, leisure, entertainment, food, Business office, residential and other functi...
产品名称: Zheng Rong Runjing
时间: 2016 - 10 - 14
Model Scale 1:110Model Size 4.9m*3.9m  Model Highlights:In order to achieve Southeast Asian Thai architecture style characteristics, Shine use warm lighting embellishment with elegant white buildings, and create a golden romantic atmosphere; low-rise podium with "multi-storey roof" Thai Style architectural style, distinctive personality.
时间: 2016 - 10 - 14
Model Scale 2.8m*2.8m Model Size 1:100 Features:1, a special-shaped building (3M solar film)2, the use of LED screen and Symphony of light3, the location model use of new technologies, made of copper materials, the overall location model of the metal sense is very strong4, the landscape pavement is luxurious, the whole model is more beautiful
Planning Model
  • Shaoguan city planning exhibition hall
    Shaoguan city planning exhibition hall

    Shaoguan city planning exhibition hall located in the new Furong town, about 1800m2 area of construction, the display window of Shaoguan city, the public bridge of communication, the platform of investment attraction and propaganda the position of the rural and urban planning .

    During the overall planning and creativity, themed history development, planning and construction achievement, looking forward the future as the blueprint with Shaoguan city, linked together, each progression, comprehensive display planning and construction of Shaoguan city.

    With the modern design style, take full advantage of long arc, curves, circle and other element, to make the hall style advanced and original. Apply lots of high-tech display, cooperating explanations with physical showpiece, let limited space carry more information. The most attractive is when the digital sand table area is 528 m2 large, we will adopt multi-channel projection and vertical projection with sound, light, electricity into each link, cover the abstract graphic planning superimposed on the specific sand table model, To overcome the content disadvantages from previous planning exhibition by single, boring and understanding, make the planning content more straightaway

    Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Yang Wang appears at Shaoguan planning hall, and give high praise of planning design and high-tech display technique usage.

  • HE FEI New Station Planning and Exhibition Museum
    HE FEI New Station Planning and Exhibition Museum

     Project Overview:
    The new station area is located in the Hefei economic circle in Huaihe industrial corridor area, close to the central city,which is the city of Hefei future urban space and urban development focus area. The planning will be display into diversified and multi-innovative high-tech, has emerged as a new landmark in the new station area.
    Planning / design concept:

    Desigh with "one nuclear two corridors" for positioning, "space dynamic digital model" as the core. In the overall design style to match with the lines, forms and colors, integration Huizhou architectural style to local conditions.

  • Ningxia pavilion of Shanghai Expo
    Ningxia pavilion of Shanghai Expo

    The representative show piece of 2010 world Expo in Shanghai museum ,Ningxia hall will be divided into 2 layer, unique feature and the appearance of Ningxia Hui Islamic geographical characteristics with lively simple while mass-tone, and a glowing glass array from “The Yellow River”, in addition ,all the door arch were design as Islamic architecture style.

    Ningxia house takes the “New moon color of the sky.” “Wind in the borderline”, “Quietness” as the main line, shows the urban development and people living in the past, present and future. “The new color of the sky” part is the main focus on the history of Ningxia, tell about under the water nourishing in the Yellow River,Ningxia ancient civilization, including ancient city development construction achievements ; “Wind in the borderline”, on one hand metaphor of this legend the phoenix in Ningxia makes the city picturesque scenery, on the other hand summarized the reform and open policy today, Ningxia urban construction shows new look ; “Quietness” part shows more beautiful future of Ningxia city to Chinese and foreign visitors.

    New digital technology makes “The jewel on the borderline” through the physical model combined with sound effects, movies, projection interactive technology telling about the whole culture planning and development of Ningxia, which fully reflects the unique culture of connotation, cause a big stir in the museum. “Gold coast” digital model shows to the EXPO visitors with the future 30 years of planning and development on the Yellow River both sides, 11 meters film with a physical model of straight screen into an organic combination of interaction, and it is heart shaking force.

  • China Overseas  Binhu Mansion
    China Overseas Binhu Mansion

    Model Scale: 1:160

    Model Size: 3.84mx4.84m

    Project Overview:
    It is located in the central core area of Binhu, with a construction area of 650,000 square meters. It covers a variety of high-rise residential buildings, villas, office buildings and commercial buildings. Binhu mansion is a typical representative of the fifth-generation boutique villa in the sea. The project is located in Binhu Center, beside the provincial government and beside the park. It is the only high-end pure villa community in the Binhu District, surrounded by Jinduo Park, Fangxinghu Park, Tangxi River Park, Binhu Wetland Park, , Surrounded by five parks and one lake, 800 Chaohu beauty in close proximity.It takes 5 minutes to Line 1 and Line 5 double subway station. Fang Xing Avenue, Huizhou Avenue are main roads in high speed access to Anhui province.

  • Oriental City
    Oriental City

    Model Scale 1:70
    Model Size 21m*21m


    Project Overview:

    Oriental City - with the rise of the eastern part of the potential, with E (earth), A (air), S (sea), T (town) for residential connotation, built cities of the spirit and mind, writing a new territory world ninth harbour residential area, Fuzhou residential building "EAST" type for the quality of life of newcastle.

    Project Highlights:
    In order to create Fuzhou "Oriental City" and "EAST" type of high quality of life, Shine model makes in ingenuity, the use of imported glass material production facade, built-in blue-purple gradient lighting, creating a crystal clear and high-end fashion effect

    Low-rise buildings, red brick white walls, unique style, harmonious integration with the city landscape , coupled with a reasonable traffic planning, neat ground pavement, complete infrastructure, presents a high-end residential, leisure business, High quality of life in one of the ecological city.


  • Zhongshan Haiya colorful city
    Zhongshan Haiya colorful city

    Model Scale 1:120
    Model Size 6m*8m


    Zhongshan Haiya colorful city project includes large-scale fashion department store, large-scale life supermarket, commercial pedestrian street, big theater, movie city, large home appliance trading center, large-scale Chinese and western restaurants, food street, bar street, large home shopping Ice skating rink, large-scale leisure and entertainment plaza, and other formats. After the completion of the project, the radiation of the Pearl River Delta region, attract visitors to the town of Zhongshan City, Nantou consumption sightseeing, invest in industry, to speed up the "South China Appliance World Trade Center" investment development process has played a huge role in promoting.

  • R&F Dongshan New World
    R&F Dongshan New World

    Moldel Scale 1:150
    Model Size 5.74m X 2.8m


    Project Overview:
    R & F Dongshan New World is located in the junction of Tianhe District and Yuexiu District , both occupy the Dongshan a favorable geographical location, and the Pearl River New City is only separated by all the way north Zhongshan Road, south of Wuyang Metro, east of Guangzhou Avenue, and instantly accessible city. It is focus the best location and the most potential of the city complex project for R & F real estate in Guangzhou market.

  • Fuyang International Garment City
    Fuyang International Garment City


    Project Name: Fuyang International Garment City
    Project Address: Fuyang City, Anhui Province
    Developers: Fuyang City, Anhui Province Shuaiwang Real Estate Co., Ltd. development
    Model production ratio: 1: 40
    Sand production company: Shine Hefei model company

    Sand table making time: 2016.07

    Project Overview:
    Shine Hefei sand table model produce Fuyang International Garment City model, the project ranked the only city landscape Taoxi East Road, Shu six three provincial highway, Longjin Avenue, bus station, planning HeTong light rail station, It takes half an hour direct to capital Hefei.

    Project Keywords: Shine Hefei sand table model production, Hefei model company ,Hefei sand table, Hefei model, Hefei villa model, garden house, room sand table, Anhui sand table model


  • Colorful Yunnan·The ancient dian kingdom cultural tourism city
    Colorful Yunnan·The ancient dian kingdom cultural tourism city

    Model Scale 1:350

    Model Size 15.5m*21.5m


    Colorful Yunnan·The ancient dian kingdom cultural tourism city is confirmed to be the first of ten history and culture tourism items by Provincial Government,Also the fastest start of the project currently.Kunming changes the development style,adjusts the industrial structure,Promote the depth integration of culture and tourism,Put the project of “Colorful Yunnan·The ancient dian kingdom cultural tourism ”on the agenda,Efforts to promote the construction of the project,which was invested 22 billion by Kunming Nuosida Group,Aim to build “domestic first-class,internationally renowned”tourist attraction,Collection of cultural experience, sightseeing,leisure, business exhibition , shopping and other functions as one of the integrated cultural tourism city project.

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