时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Mode Scale 1:120Model Size 94m2Haikou Evergrande The Bund , Intersect three core business district of the World Trade Circle, Gold Trade Circle and Friendship Circle , North to Haikou Port, 1.73 million square surrounded by three major theme parks (Century Park, Waterfront Park, Wan Green Park), guardian the city thoroughfares of century bridge, crossing the sea road, The road clear for traffic, beautiful scenery,And be equipped with hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and so on .Total planned a...
产品名称: Haikou Future Villa
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Model Scale 1:140Model Size 3.7m*4.5m Future Villa, total Plan 3200 acres, generous towards to build world-class tropical seaside leisure community, developed in three phases, greening rate of 64.8%. Project on both sides of green hills, mountains and the sea, high to west and low to east, north and south is the genus private shoreline with 4.2 kilometers .Community built three five-star hotels and the yacht harbor marina with 300 acres: together with the international tourism islan...
产品名称: Hai Kou Phoenix City
时间: 2016 - 10 - 26
Model Scale 1:100Model Size 7.5mX5.5m
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Dubai Zoo Science Display is combined free standing type digital sand table with flat screen digital sand table, apply to multi-channel image fusion technology,3D space background processing system, intelligent central control system integrated technology, Unites traditional physical sand table with arc screen bilateral interactive demonstration, So that fully display the city and project planning, geographical characteristics and other information.
时间: 2016 - 10 - 21
Model Scale 1:100 Model Size 6Mx4M
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Model Scale 1:3000Model Size 8m*15m In the history of Western Development golden opportunity, Guizhou Water town walk out a unique way of catching up. Watertown four modernizations exhibition hall as the county's publicity window, investment platform, the county people's education base, used the high-tech display technique, set sound light and electric , interactive projects, digital television and other modern visual effects, vividly show new Water town "four modernizations" ac...
产品名称: Virtual wandering
时间: 2016 - 12 - 12
Virtual wandering,an important branch of VR , develops very fast in the industries. The technology makes use of modern high-tech means such as 3D image real-time generation technique,physical system of dynamic simulation,Shine display technique ,user input hardware system,central control system.So that visitors can enjoy a visual,auditory and touching experience close to the real effect in a virtual motion environment.Through the sign identification and then matrix transformation calculation of ...
产品名称: San Sheng Central Park
时间: 2017 - 08 - 14
Project Name: San Sheng Central ParkProject Location: FujianProject Owner: Fujian Jiulong Real Estate Co., LtdSand table design company: Shine model (Shenzhen model company)Overall Model Proportion: Landscape 1:85 Building 1: 120Project Overview:  San Sheng Central Park is setting boutique residential and surrounding commercial shops as one of the commercial integrated living area real estate. The project is located in Fuzhou Five Four North Manyang Road, CLD central administrative liv...
时间: 2016 - 12 - 19
As one of three key industrial parks,Gaoqiao industrial park is devided into two areas occupies 1.45 million square meters.Among them,the estern area covers an area of 670000 square meters,the main development body is Pingdi Street,mainly introduced in a high-end electronic information industry and new and high technology project.From a piece of barren hill into a high-tech industry "fertile fields",the presence of a high and new technology enterprise,make Gaoqiao industrial park into ...
产品名称: Wide Horizon Luxelake
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Model Scale 1:120Model Size 90m2Covers an area of 11 square kilometers, planning Luxelake headquarters economy and creative industries Comprehensive Development Area with resident population of 15 million people, in a large ecological waters exist in the form of countless islands, and those known as the "art" of each house in different shape, imagine best as possible.Luxelake is not just a pure residential project, but rather a function ranges from the office, hotel, commercial ,club...
时间: 2016 - 12 - 27
Integrating with visual art scene and projection environment,TUIO targets and identifies the visitor’s location and motion,and then combines the visitor into the virtual fantastic scene to realized perfect communication between human and images and create fabulous interactive experience effect.
Planning Model
  • Shekou General Planning Project
    Shekou General Planning Project

    Model Scale 1:5000
    Model Size 5.5m*8m


    Model Design:
    Shekou general planning project ,Shine Model use digital sand table multi-channel projection image mosaic, stereo 3D sound, intelligent media equipment control technology, based on the traditional physical sand table, multimedia display and interactive functions , Fully embodies the location characteristics, supporting facilities, project features and other information. Can be displayed with configured arc screen, straight screen, lifting yarn, but also independent display. The digital sand table was used in the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People 's Republic of China into the exhibition.

  • He Nan Shinesun World
    He Nan Shinesun World

     Model Size 7.3*5.1M 5.8*3.7M 4.5*2.8M

  • Nan Chang Leying Plaza
    Nan Chang Leying Plaza

    Model Scale 1:50
    Model Size 3m*5.5m

  • jiazhaoye East River New Town
    jiazhaoye East River New Town

     Jiaozhaoye East River Town,the landscape planning adopts "a lake,two axes,many veins and high-density species " as the layout to full creat a villa familstyle of more green and high privacy.The project collects three European architectural styles building,French,English and Spanish,which are interspersed and casted the beautiful view with each other,so as to help you to achieve thetruly aristocratic manor house .

  • Fu Jian Zhonggeng Langqi Island
    Fu Jian Zhonggeng Langqi Island

    Model Scale 1:250-1:270
    Model Size 15.6mx6.7m


    Model design:
    Shine model took the lead from the project's green and landscape on the designing and production. The lush garden landscape, fresh and natural lawn and river landscape, wide asphalt road, exquisite aesthetic street lamp, bridge, to show ecological environment and strong vitality.The building model with warm yellow light is slightly and charming, fully embodies the high-end and galant. The whole model collect the ecological and architectural of natural, present a harmonious and elegant world.



  • Crystal City
    Crystal City

    Model Scale 1:15
    Model Size 0.7m*0.8m


    Model design:
    Shine Model present a Crystal City carefully with a variety of apartment. In accordance with the established proportion of elaborate leather sofas, modular tables and chairs, playing TV and other home appliances furniture, warm orange light, and create a warm and romantic home life atmosphere.

    LOFT design, Shine model use the actual situation of the production method, focusing on the living room, dining room and living room layout, so that planning the project's interior space at a glance. Details of the production, such as wall decoration, carpets, lighting, etc., highlighting the unsurpassed of Shine Model taste and professional quality.


  • Angola Agaise
    Angola Agaise


    Project Name: Angola Agaise
    Item Sand Size: 2.3 * 3.5
    Proportion: Landscape 1: 100 Building 1: 120
    Developer: China Railway 20th Bureau of Angola International Limited Liability Company
    Production company: Shine Xi'an model company
    Time: 2017 years

    Project Overview:
    Agaise district is located in Angola, the project investmented by the Benguela provincial government, is the Bengal city government civil service project, for the six-level brick and concrete structure European style, surrounded by street for shops. After the completion of the district is being set commercial and residential as one, become Benguela iconic garden district.It is the first housing construction project for the China Railway 20th Bureau build the overseas construction, the project features sand table is made by the Shine model Xi'an team.

    Sand table making ideas:

    Agaise area sand table show with bright Angola architectural style, colorful architectural wiht ocean-like bright light is the biggest feature of the sand table, whether it is bright red brick roof, or bright housing facade, just made by Shine model stick oee by one. Inside the house shine a little light, flashing a gentle and elegant orange light, giving a warm home visual sense.
    District "five green" landscape, sub-level presents fragrant flower garden, crisp bush, bright flowers and tall trees, whether horizontal or vertical look, have shown the vitality of the ecological beauty. In addition, the district traffic road / parking and other infrastructure with modeling perfect, rich and vivid.Then you will find that exquisite workmanship, fine realistic.


  • Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort
    Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort

    Model Scale 1:400

    Model Size 17m*11m


    Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort was located in the Northwest of Hongjing city,Xishaugnbanna,The project covered 6 square kilometers,which joint investment by China's top five private enterprises,as Wanda Group, China Oceanwide, Yifang group, Elion Resources, Lenovo Holdings,tourism projects a total investment of 15 billion yuan, is thelargest tourism investment projects in southwest.Resort was equipped with theme garden,Large rainforest Sports Park,luxury hotels, theater,business center, third-grade hospital and tourism town.

  • MACALLING  International Center
    MACALLING International Center

    Model Scale 1:180
    Model Size 4.6m(dia)


    Project Overview:
    Macalline International Project is located in Fuzhou Cangshan District Pura Avenue and Minjiang Avenue Interchange, in the South Bridge of Youxi Bridge, close to the Fuzhou Metro Line 3 which in plannig. In the first-class commercial complex city, upgrade the strategic objectives of Fuzhou large "HOPSCA", Macalline international invest billions of dollars, to be the latest planning covers an area of nearly 200 acres in Fuzhou, about 700000 square meters of giant City complex aircraft carrier.

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