产品名称: Xinghe Mountain Bay
时间: 2017 - 07 - 10
Project Name: Xinghe Mountain BayProject Location: Guangzhou, GuangdongDesign team: Shine model (Shenzhen model company)Sand table production scale: 1: 250Sand table production size: 5.98m * 4.48mProject Overview:Xinghe Mountain Bay project is located in Guangzhou City, Nansha District of the core area, with perfect landscape, transportation, supporting resources. Set the theme of the garden, characteristics of business, high-quality community as one, covering an area of about 36 million square ...
时间: 2016 - 10 - 11
Model Scale: 1:100Model Size: 9.8X6.6MHengsheng global center project is located in the east Bashang street Mingguang Road, west of Chuzhou Road, north to the Yangtze River Road, South Wuhu Road, covers an area of 246 acres, a total construction area of 1 million 300 thousand square, Hengsheng Bashang project will become a global center to a large business center downtown, the two separated in the Yangtze River East Avenue on both sides of the 68-tier Twin Towers, will be erected Hefei "...
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Model Scale 1:100Model Size 4.5m*3.5mGICG was located in the axes of Shenzhen center.Overall floorage is 310 thousand m2.This item was equipped with helipad for 2000 m2, green square for 17000m2 ,underground shopping center for 20000 m2,and dinning hall with seating capacity for more than 1000 people repast.Square owns superior surroundings: north adjacent to citizen renter,embrace with grass square in center area with more than 20 thousand hectares.South to Shenzhen exhibition center with 2...
时间: 2017 - 07 - 31
Project Name: Merchants OCT Hongshan 6979Project Location: ShenzhenProject entrusted party: Shenzhen City Investment Overseas Chinese Town Investment Co., LtdOverall model scale: 1: 160Overall model size: 5.1 * 2.9Marketing Center Area Sand Table Model: 4 * 3Sand table model production time: 2017 Model Producer: Shine model (Shenzhen model company)Key words: paint base table,area sand table, marketing center sand table ,overall modelBackground of the project:Hongshan 6979 commercial project is t...
产品名称: Angola Agaise
时间: 2017 - 08 - 01
Project Name: Angola AgaiseItem Sand Size: 2.3 * 3.5Proportion: Landscape 1: 100 Building 1: 120Developer: China Railway 20th Bureau of Angola International Limited Liability CompanyProduction company: Shine Xi'an model companyTime: 2017 yearsProject Overview:Agaise district is located in Angola, the project investmented by the Benguela provincial government, is the Bengal city government civil service project, for the six-level brick and concrete structure European style, surrounded by street f...
时间: 2017 - 08 - 10
Project Name: City University of MacauProject Location: Macao Special Administrative RegionEntrusted by: City University of MacauSand table design company: Shine model (Shenzhen model company)Model Scale Size: Visual ScaleSand plate model size: 3m * 2mProject Overview:Macau City University is the first modern university in Macau. It is formerly known as the East Asian University in 1981, has three campuses and its main campus is located at the University of Taipa, Macau.This is the new site that...
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Shaoguan city planning exhibition hall located in the new Furong town, about 1800m2 area of construction, the display window of Shaoguan city, the public bridge of communication, the platform of investment attraction and propaganda the position of the rural and urban planning .During the overall planning and creativity, themed history development, planning and construction achievement, looking forward the future as the blueprint with Shaoguan city, linked together, each progression, comprehensiv...
时间: 2016 - 10 - 11
Project Overview:The new station area is located in the Hefei economic circle in Huaihe industrial corridor area, close to the central city,which is the city of Hefei future urban space and urban development focus area. The planning will be display into diversified and multi-innovative high-tech, has emerged as a new landmark in the new station area. Planning / design concept:Desigh with "one nuclear two corridors" for positioning, "space dynamic digital model" as the c...
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Model Scale 1:400Model Size 17m*11m Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort was located in the Northwest of Hongjing city,Xishaugnbanna,The project covered 6 square kilometers,which joint investment by China's top five private enterprises,as Wanda Group, China Oceanwide, Yifang group, Elion Resources, Lenovo Holdings,tourism projects a total investment of 15 billion yuan, is thelargest tourism investment projects in southwest.Resort was equipped with theme garden,Large rainforest S...
时间: 2016 - 10 - 13
Model Scale 1:180 Model Size 4.6m(dia) Project Overview:Macalline International Project is located in Fuzhou Cangshan District Pura Avenue and Minjiang Avenue Interchange, in the South Bridge of Youxi Bridge, close to the Fuzhou Metro Line 3 which in plannig. In the first-class commercial complex city, upgrade the strategic objectives of Fuzhou large "HOPSCA", Macalline international invest billions of dollars, to be the latest planning covers an area of nearly 200 acres in ...
时间: 2016 - 10 - 11
Model Scale: 1:160Model Size: 3.84mx4.84mProject Overview:It is located in the central core area of Binhu, with a construction area of 650,000 square meters. It covers a variety of high-rise residential buildings, villas, office buildings and commercial buildings. Binhu mansion is a typical representative of the fifth-generation boutique villa in the sea. The project is located in Binhu Center, beside the provincial government and beside the park. It is the only high-end pure villa community...
Planning Model
  • Qujing Evergrande Oasis
    Qujing Evergrande Oasis


    Project Name: Qujing Evergrande Oasis

    Project location: Yunnan, Qujing

    Entrusting party: Qujing Hengda Oasis

    Sand table scale: 1:450

    Sand table size: 1.2m*1.2m

    Design team: Shine model (Kunming model company)

    PProject Overview:
    Qujing Evergrande Oasis project is located in Sanjiang Avenue, in the "Qi Zhan Ma" economic circle Golden Triangle, surrounded by three horizontal and two vertical three-dimensional road network, traffic and travel advantages. Qujing Evergrande Oasis is the seventh project in Yunnan, And also Evergrande to develop Qujing developed the second lake ecological community. In the future, here will be Qujing's deputy center, living value and appreciation potential limitless. Project is made by the Shine Kunming model company.

    Qujing Evergrande oasis sand table for is the first delivery model for Shine Kunming model company, since the establishment of the Kunming branch, our partners who make determined efforts to this lake ecological ecological residential area.

    Qujing Evergrande oasis sand table is elegant high-rise residential, surrounded by green, filling the aristocratic life of fashion; Qujing Evergrande oasis project planning kindergarten, platinum clubs and other supporting exquisite workmanship, small and charming, For the owners to show a complete and high quality Evergrande life experience.

    Qujing Heng Oasis with imported simulation of water and ecological seedlings with clever, reasonable planning, beautifully presented project planning artificial lake, European royal garden and other ecological landscape. Looking around, Qujing Evergrande Oasis model is in the ultimate landscape panoramic view, full of vitality.


  • The Bund of Shanghai
    The Bund of Shanghai

     The Bund of Shanghai nostalgic scenes sand table is using the reduction of real delicate Shanghai 30s update reflects the true life of science and technology innovation by Shine model team. The sand table scale is 1:75, true literati luxury and history atmosphere that only belong to the old Shanghai, nostalgia in popular today, It has defined as a representative of the classic and retro style.A streetcar that is popular in Shanghai
     in all of the dynamic scene, whether it is running in the old tram, or soliciting the rickshaw; whether it is on the surface of the water in the ship or cargo, the cathedral door switch, vaguely from outside the gate to see the guards to security.Here we can seem moving cargo ship and the passenger waiting for delivery
    ,Opening gates of the Cathedral.

  • Putian Evergrande Royal Fcenic peninsula
    Putian Evergrande Royal Fcenic peninsula

    Model Scale 1:150

    Model Size 9.8m*4.8m


    Evergrande Royal Fcenic peninsula was located in North Road Chengxiang District, Putian City, litchi and Sihua Road Interchange of northwest side, opposite to the museum, close to the 16 hectares of the original ecological Sihua Creek, 233 hectares Shou Creek Park, Water Park Sihua and Yanshou park ,three parks are surrounded, west to rolling original ecological forest.

  • R&F Dongshan New World
    R&F Dongshan New World

    Moldel Scale 1:150
    Model Size 5.74m X 2.8m


    Project Overview:
    R & F Dongshan New World is located in the junction of Tianhe District and Yuexiu District , both occupy the Dongshan a favorable geographical location, and the Pearl River New City is only separated by all the way north Zhongshan Road, south of Wuyang Metro, east of Guangzhou Avenue, and instantly accessible city. It is focus the best location and the most potential of the city complex project for R & F real estate in Guangzhou market.

  • Fuyang International Garment City
    Fuyang International Garment City


    Project Name: Fuyang International Garment City
    Project Address: Fuyang City, Anhui Province
    Developers: Fuyang City, Anhui Province Shuaiwang Real Estate Co., Ltd. development
    Model production ratio: 1: 40
    Sand production company: Shine Hefei model company

    Sand table making time: 2016.07

    Project Overview:
    Shine Hefei sand table model produce Fuyang International Garment City model, the project ranked the only city landscape Taoxi East Road, Shu six three provincial highway, Longjin Avenue, bus station, planning HeTong light rail station, It takes half an hour direct to capital Hefei.

    Project Keywords: Shine Hefei sand table model production, Hefei model company ,Hefei sand table, Hefei model, Hefei villa model, garden house, room sand table, Anhui sand table model


  • Colorful Yunnan·The ancient dian kingdom cultural tourism city
    Colorful Yunnan·The ancient dian kingdom cultural tourism city

    Model Scale 1:350

    Model Size 15.5m*21.5m


    Colorful Yunnan·The ancient dian kingdom cultural tourism city is confirmed to be the first of ten history and culture tourism items by Provincial Government,Also the fastest start of the project currently.Kunming changes the development style,adjusts the industrial structure,Promote the depth integration of culture and tourism,Put the project of “Colorful Yunnan·The ancient dian kingdom cultural tourism ”on the agenda,Efforts to promote the construction of the project,which was invested 22 billion by Kunming Nuosida Group,Aim to build “domestic first-class,internationally renowned”tourist attraction,Collection of cultural experience, sightseeing,leisure, business exhibition , shopping and other functions as one of the integrated cultural tourism city project.

  • Shenzhen Longgang planning exhibition hall
    Shenzhen Longgang planning exhibition hall

    Longgang is located in northeast Shenzhen, the import node in eastern coast of the Pearl River Delta economic circle, that connected with the channel west bank economic zone, to be the important channel, know as the “Shenzhen pear”. To welcome the 26th World University Games, Longgang planning exhibition hall was invested in upgrading, mainly shows all kinds of planning and construction achievements in recent years. It is a communication platform and bridge between the citizens and planning technology, the window of Longgang construction achievements.

    For the creative theme, gripping the functions of the exhibition hall, with “Planning For Longgang” as the theme, divided the exhibition hall into the past, the planning, construction, diversity, opportunity and blessing to Longgang, Combined time axis with “the past-now-future” development, Naturally and orderly show the brilliant and forethought achievements with Longgang.

    The exhibition hall was designed simply, fashionably and demurely, combined multimedia digital technology and physical show items stereo display style, Such as sand table, stereo space, ultra narrow side LCD screen, smart interactive screen,180°immersive movie hall etc, make the limited space bearing more information capacity, so that visitors can understand the planning and development of Longgang deeply.

  • Green technology island
    Green technology island

    "Green technology island" is located in the Minhang District, Government of South Plaza, Invested by the green technology island Properties Limited in Shanghai. Project is nearby Metro Line 1 and Line 5, with a total construction area of almost 100,000 square meters. After the completion of green technology island, is a set of "Grade A-standard office buildings, duplex LOFT creative office buildings, Commercial Street" and other functions in one large integrated commercial real estate projects.Project is made by Shine Model, to reflect the main building strong dynamic visual effects, Shine choose the most high plexiglass,combining structure,to create a good business atmosphere, at the same time, appears the fashion style of the building.

  • Dubai Yas-Island
    Dubai Yas-Island


    Model Scale: 1 : 500

    Model Size: 10m X 15m


    YAS ISLAND is artificial Palm Island in UAE, Dubai, which is short for Dubai Artificial Island. Total area of Yas Island is 2500 hectares (about 25 sq km, one third of the size of the main Abu Dhabi island), Including F1 circuit, Equestrian center , 4 polo fields, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park , Golf courses, Yas Arena - concert area, Water Park and other entertainment venues ,Cost US$ 40 billion total investment. The overall planning model of YAS Island was created attentively by Shine Model who is the national model founder .Shine Model pursued the originality philosophy of architectural technology from Dubai, And Strict demands with producing details. Shine Model won praise and appreciation for Yas Island planning model at home and abroad. Therefore, Shine Model not only produce simulation model, but also can make dynamic Yas Island.


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