产品名称: Greenland Center
时间: 2016 - 10 - 15
Model Scale 1 : 150 Model Size 3.0m (dia) Project Overview:Guangzhou Baiyun Greenland Center is located in Guangzhou Baiyun New City, near the Metro Line 2 and the planned Metro Line 14, covers an area of about 40,000 square meters, a total construction area of about 270,000 square meters, a total investment of 3.0 billion. Guangzhou Baiyun green center covers a total of 200 meters of the super high-rise tower, positioned as 5A super-class international office, a height of 30 meter...
时间: 2016 - 10 - 27
Model Scale 1:80Model Size 4m*6m
时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
Model Scale 1:1750Model Size 5m*8m Model Highlights:HeungKong financial center project model is made by Shenzhen Shine Model ,they use of transparent glass curtain wall , creating a unique modern fashion atmosphere of the "skyscrapers", standing before the sea.With the help of hi-tech display from Shine Model , shows all-round planning area of ecological green, landscape water, traffic roads,From the shop goods, leisure groups and infrastructure details, we can see the &q...
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Model Scale:1:500 Project Introduction : DWC is grand airport city plan focus on Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport, that located in Jebel Ali Port and Jebel Ali Free Zone in the Southern, with a total area of 140 square kilometers. The overall planning for eight functional zone ,ordinal logistic park ,airport area , Maktoum International Airport area , humanitarianism area ,living quarters, business park, relaxation and entertainment park and commercial exhibition area .To build DWC i...
产品名称: Huidong Happiness city
时间: 2016 - 10 - 17
Model Scale 1:340Model Szie 1.2m*1.3m Project Overview:Huidong Happiness city is a tourism resort project, developed by Huizhou Xiyuan Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. The project covers an area of 39479.60m2, a total construction area of 130412.43m2, the project to create an experience of the supremacy of the service for the concept of tourist resorts, present the leisure, relaxation, warm and familiar feeling of perfection.
产品名称: Shenzhen MIXC
时间: 2016 - 10 - 18
Model Scale 1:180Model Size 5.5m*2.5m Project Overview:With a total construction area of 550,000 square meters and a total investment of more than HK $ 4 billion, Vanguard is a large-scale, integrated and modernized hotel with many functions including retail, catering, entertainment, office, hotel and residence. , High-quality landmark commercial buildings.
时间: 2016 - 10 - 18
Model Scale 1:110Model Size 3.14m*4.4m
时间: 2016 - 10 - 16
Model Scale 1:180Model Size 1m*0.6m
产品名称: Zhu Hai Gree Coast
时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
Model Scale 1:400Model Size 4.5m(dia)
时间: 2016 - 10 - 21
Model Scale 1:150Model Size 5.6m(dia)
产品名称: Macau Sands Casino
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Project Name: Sands CasinoProject Overview:As Macau's first Las Vegas-style casino gorgeous large luxury. The game has baccarat, blackjack, roulette and other gambling and size, floating floor of noble and elegant atmosphere, spacious and comfortable inside facilities for customers extremely exciting entertainment and enjoyment. 8 floor lounge, comfortable environment and enjoy new sensory experiences, is enjoying a real Vegas-style playground. Model Design:Model Sands Macau casino projects...
Commercial Model
  • FuZhou Seascape
    FuZhou Seascape

    Model Scale 1:100
    Model Size 3.8m*4m


    Model design:
    The seascape model is the real effect showing, highlight the Riverview resources, ecological green, leisure park and other high-quality resources, display roof green landscape, leisure corridor, leisure kiosks and other scenes to create a livable Riverview environment, the overall building drawing carefully, and designers visit the actual environment to make similarity

  • Nan Chang Leying Plaza
    Nan Chang Leying Plaza

    Model Scale 1:50
    Model Size 3m*5.5m

  • Fu Jian Zhonggeng Langqi Island
    Fu Jian Zhonggeng Langqi Island

    Model Scale 1:250-1:270
    Model Size 15.6mx6.7m


    Model design:
    Shine model took the lead from the project's green and landscape on the designing and production. The lush garden landscape, fresh and natural lawn and river landscape, wide asphalt road, exquisite aesthetic street lamp, bridge, to show ecological environment and strong vitality.The building model with warm yellow light is slightly and charming, fully embodies the high-end and galant. The whole model collect the ecological and architectural of natural, present a harmonious and elegant world.



  • Long Yan Hengbao city square
    Long Yan Hengbao city square

    Model Scale 1:120

    Model Size 5.5m*2.5m


    Project Overview:
    Bao Cheng City Plaza is located at the junction of Longtan South Road and Yangtan Road in Longyan, Fujian Province. It is a comprehensive urban project built by Longyan Hengbao Group. It covers with a total construction area of 360,000 square meters. . At the same time, planning more than 3,000 underground parking spaces, and strive to build a shopping, leisure, entertainment, food, Business office, residential and other functions as one of the city complex.
    Shine model use modern optoelectronic technology, uncompromising attention to the construction process, the real rendering of the city square modern and fashion sense.

  • Qingyang Media Five-Star Building
    Qingyang Media Five-Star Building

    Model Scale 2.8m*2.8m
    Model Size 1:100


    1, a special-shaped building (3M solar film)
    2, the use of LED screen and Symphony of light
    3, the location model use of new technologies, made of copper materials, the overall location model of the metal sense is very strong
    4, the landscape pavement is luxurious, the whole model is more beautiful



  • Guang Dong Jian Ji Commercial Center
    Guang Dong Jian Ji Commercial Center

    Model Scale 1 : 100
    Model Size 7.5m X 7.5m


    Project Overview:
    Heyuan City Commercial Center is located at the junction of Yue Wang Avenue and Yong Kang Road in Dongcheng West Area of Heyuan City. It covers an area of 240,000 square meters and total construction area of 800,000 square meters. It is the largest urban complex (HOPSCA) in northeastern Guangdong project. Heyuan City Business Center Master Planning Concept is to reorganize the city functions of Heyuan City, such as commercial, office, residence, hotel, exhibition, restaurant, meeting, entertainment and transportation. It brings a brand-new life experience and living space for Heyuan City.


    Model highlights:
    Heyuan · Jian JI Commercial Center project, Shine model using large-scale digital sand table, multimedia lighting and other high-tech exhibition focused on the display, showing the planning area of commercial office buildings, leisure residential area, cultural and entertainment city, exhibition hall , All-round presentation of a new concept, a new life of the comprehensive commercial residential area.


  • Grade China International Group(GCIG)
    Grade China International Group(GCIG)

    Model Scale 1:100

    Model Size 4.5m*3.5m

    GICG was located in the axes of Shenzhen center.Overall floorage is 310 thousand m2.This item was equipped with helipad for 2000 m2, green square for 17000m2 ,underground shopping center for 20000 m2,and dinning hall with seating capacity for more than 1000 people repast.Square owns superior surroundings: north adjacent to citizen renter,embrace with grass square in center area with more than 20 thousand hectares.South to Shenzhen exhibition center with 260 thousand m2 ,Metro line 1 and line 4 were confluent in the below position of square,to achieve integrate with metro network .

  • MACALLING  International Center
    MACALLING International Center

    Model Scale 1:180
    Model Size 4.6m(dia)


    Project Overview:
    Macalline International Project is located in Fuzhou Cangshan District Pura Avenue and Minjiang Avenue Interchange, in the South Bridge of Youxi Bridge, close to the Fuzhou Metro Line 3 which in plannig. In the first-class commercial complex city, upgrade the strategic objectives of Fuzhou large "HOPSCA", Macalline international invest billions of dollars, to be the latest planning covers an area of nearly 200 acres in Fuzhou, about 700000 square meters of giant City complex aircraft carrier.

  • Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort
    Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort

    Model Scale 1:400

    Model Size 17m*11m


    Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort was located in the Northwest of Hongjing city,Xishaugnbanna,The project covered 6 square kilometers,which joint investment by China's top five private enterprises,as Wanda Group, China Oceanwide, Yifang group, Elion Resources, Lenovo Holdings,tourism projects a total investment of 15 billion yuan, is thelargest tourism investment projects in southwest.Resort was equipped with theme garden,Large rainforest Sports Park,luxury hotels, theater,business center, third-grade hospital and tourism town.

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