时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Mode Scale 1:120Model Size 94m2Haikou Evergrande The Bund , Intersect three core business district of the World Trade Circle, Gold Trade Circle and Friendship Circle , North to Haikou Port, 1.73 million square surrounded by three major theme parks (Century Park, Waterfront Park, Wan Green Park), guardian the city thoroughfares of century bridge, crossing the sea road, The road clear for traffic, beautiful scenery,And be equipped with hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and so on .Total planned a...
产品名称: Haikou Future Villa
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Model Scale 1:140Model Size 3.7m*4.5m Future Villa, total Plan 3200 acres, generous towards to build world-class tropical seaside leisure community, developed in three phases, greening rate of 64.8%. Project on both sides of green hills, mountains and the sea, high to west and low to east, north and south is the genus private shoreline with 4.2 kilometers .Community built three five-star hotels and the yacht harbor marina with 300 acres: together with the international tourism islan...
产品名称: Hainan Yalong Bay
时间: 2017 - 02 - 13
Project Name: Hainan Yalong BayProject address: HaikouModel scale: 1:120Model size: 3.7m*4.7mProject overview:Hainan Yalong Bay territory project area of 99989 square meters (equivalent to 150 acres), the planning and construction of the 3 storey apartment building and the building of the 145 single storey apartment, with a total construction area of 63853.33 square meters.Model design:The project planning model is made by shine model. According to the actual terrain project, shie model make sin...
产品名称: Nanchang CITIC West
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Model Scale 1:400Model Size 10m*10m CITIC West project is national scenic area that located in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Lushan West, scenic area of 680 square kilometers, the water area of 308 square kilometers. Project covers an area of about 700,000 square meters, with a total construction area of nearly 1 million square meters.Project set “nurture the body and soul”as the core value, build a" work and rest "of the four value system, invited tourism, hotels, sports parks and other worl...
产品名称: Hainan Westin Hotel
时间: 2016 - 08 - 23
Model Scale 1:250Model Size 4.5m*3.2m The project is more than twenty buildings that 3-7 storeys on the ground with decoration building, One building is five-star hotel in the main building on the ground with 7 storeys, 2 storeys basement; More than ten buildings are villa on the ground with 3 storey ; One building is a hotel property; one is a club; one is apartment building with providing about 300 rooms, the main structure is reinforced concrete in refined decoration.
产品名称: Polytec Group Asteroid
时间: 2017 - 09 - 05
Project OverviewShenzhen Shine model production | Polytec Group asteroid, the project is located in Shenzhen Shajing east side of new bridge departure, adjacent to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed exitance. Covers an area of about 30,000 square meters, construction area of about 135,000 square meters, the volume rate of 3.26, to create a business apartment and office business in one complex.Polytec Group asteroid is planning and designing to follow the modern urban space aesthetic principles, t...
时间: 2017 - 09 - 08
Project Name: Country Garden · City Central CapitalProject Location: Liuzhou, GuangxiOverall Model Proportion: Landscape 1: 140 Building 1: 160Project OverviewCountry Garden City Center covers an area of 70.31 acres of land, located in Guangxi Liuzhou Yufeng District and Rongxin Road Interchange, the advantages of city center is the location.It is not only a mature community, many kindergartens and primary and secondary school, all kinds of living facilities are readily available, with the ...
时间: 2017 - 09 - 27
Project Name: Country Garden·The Royal MansionProject Location: Guangxi LiuzhouOverall Model Proportion: Landscape 1: 140 Building 1: 160Country Garden · The Royal Mansion is located in Liuzhou City, Yufeng District, Liuzhou City is the economy, tourism, culture and transportation center. Yufeng District is located in the southeast of Liuzhou City, northern to Liu North District, southern to Liujiang County border, eastern to Luzhai County.The project is surrounded by mature urban life...
Residential Model
  • Crystal City
    Crystal City

    Model Scale 1:15
    Model Size 0.7m*0.8m


    Model design:
    Shine Model present a Crystal City carefully with a variety of apartment. In accordance with the established proportion of elaborate leather sofas, modular tables and chairs, playing TV and other home appliances furniture, warm orange light, and create a warm and romantic home life atmosphere.

    LOFT design, Shine model use the actual situation of the production method, focusing on the living room, dining room and living room layout, so that planning the project's interior space at a glance. Details of the production, such as wall decoration, carpets, lighting, etc., highlighting the unsurpassed of Shine Model taste and professional quality.


  • He Nan Zhengzhou THINK PARK
    He Nan Zhengzhou THINK PARK

    Model Scale 1:350
    Model Size 4.2m*4.2m

  • Zheng Rong Runjing
    Zheng Rong Runjing

    Model Scale 1:110
    Model Size 4.9m*3.9m



    Model Highlights:

    In order to achieve Southeast Asian Thai architecture style characteristics, Shine use warm lighting embellishment with elegant white buildings, and create a golden romantic atmosphere; low-rise podium with "multi-storey roof" Thai Style architectural style, distinctive personality.



  • Huizhou Galaxia Dante
    Huizhou Galaxia Dante

    Mode Scale 1:250

    Model Size 4m*5.5m


    Huizhou Galaxia Dante is bounded position by the Huiyang Danshui old town and the Western Daya Bay, covers an area of 1,053,900 square meters, construction area of 2,482,710 square meters, belongs to the outskirts of the city center in Huiyang, west of Danao river in Huiyang City, East of Yagongding forest parks with 7100 acres and Fengtian Reservoir with 5 million square meters, 1.8 million square meters natural ecological resources,Introduce of top business with COCO Park type, Advantages can not be copied.

    The project was located in the central of three Cities, opened the Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed railway Huinan station makes this project to be the first stop in Shenzhen city railway, and this project was border of Huiyang and Daya Bay , both enjoy Huiyang mature facilities and Daya Bay high-starting point plan, as well as develop in multi-angle. In addition, the area belongs to the Huiyang government focus on building the city vice-center, to be the core of regional urban development.

  • Hai kou Fortune Bay Hotel
    Hai kou Fortune Bay Hotel

     Model Scale 1 : 150

  • Shenzhen Galaxy Legend
    Shenzhen Galaxy Legend

    Model Scale 1:120

    Model Size 9.8m*4.8m


    The project is located at Interchange of Tengfei road Longhua new district an Renmin Road, close to Mintang road, Line 4 subway at Shangtang Station, covering about 67,000 square meters, construction area of 340,000 square meters, floor area ratio of 5, greening rate of 40%. And set for high-end residence, apartments, commercial, and hotel as one with complex project.

  • Zhongshan Haiya colorful city
    Zhongshan Haiya colorful city

    Model Scale 1:120
    Model Size 6m*8m


    Zhongshan Haiya colorful city project includes large-scale fashion department store, large-scale life supermarket, commercial pedestrian street, big theater, movie city, large home appliance trading center, large-scale Chinese and western restaurants, food street, bar street, large home shopping Ice skating rink, large-scale leisure and entertainment plaza, and other formats. After the completion of the project, the radiation of the Pearl River Delta region, attract visitors to the town of Zhongshan City, Nantou consumption sightseeing, invest in industry, to speed up the "South China Appliance World Trade Center" investment development process has played a huge role in promoting.

  • Changtai Spring
    Changtai Spring

    Model Scale 1:80

    Model Size 6.5m*5.5m


    Project Overview:
    Changtai Spring is located in No. 36 Shandong Road,Guilin City, adjacent to the City Sports Center, Seven Star Park, Nancheng Department Store, witha regional location. The introduction of "urban villa" advanced concept, Shine Model efforts to build a small high-rise residential, luxury double-door family.

  • Qianhai The Harbour Garden
    Qianhai The Harbour Garden

    Model Scale 1:110

    Model Size 3.14m*4.4m


    Shenzhen property Qianhai Harbour Garden located in Qianhai FTA and Shekou FTA , enjoying one sea ,two mountains and Six Parks, northern cross a road from Qianhai international financial center, southwest of Shekou International living area,under the protecting of double FTA areas, The development space of value is unlimited in the future.

    Shenzhen property Qianhai Harbour Garden with surrounding traffic from the "sea, land and air," three-dimensional system configuration, enjoy three major ports: Shenzhen Bay Port, Shekou wharf and Prince Bay cruise terminal.The project backs to Qianhai Bay, Surrounding with green world, Litchi Park, Moon Bay Park, Xinghai Park, more than five million green ecological area.


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