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Model Scale 1:3000Model Size 8m*15m In the history of Western Development golden opportunity, Guizhou Water town walk out a unique way of catching up. Watertown four modernizations exhibition hall as the county's publicity window, investment platform, the county people's education base, used the high-tech display technique, set sound light and electric , interactive projects, digital television and other modern visual effects, vividly show new Water town "four modernizations" ac...
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There is an ancient saying :"A man should be independent at thirty.” By the time of 30 years establishment anniversary for Shenzhen, the CBD construction was towering. A collection of more than 20 years of construction work in Shenzhen center, another collection of ecology and the humanities, the business and culture, creation and consumption, work and leisure as one of the administrative, culture, information, national exhibition and business center appeared in front of the world, As a vib...
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As one of three key industrial parks,Gaoqiao industrial park is devided into two areas occupies 1.45 million square meters.Among them,the estern area covers an area of 670000 square meters,the main development body is Pingdi Street,mainly introduced in a high-end electronic information industry and new and high technology project.From a piece of barren hill into a high-tech industry "fertile fields",the presence of a high and new technology enterprise,make Gaoqiao industrial park into ...
Planning Model
  • Dongguan Eco-park Digital Technology Exhibition Hall
    Dongguan Eco-park Digital Technology Exhibition Hall

    The Dongguan eco-park is the largest water treatment with artificial wetland in China, The change between “Water” and ecological industry park is closely linked, Thus, “water” as the soul and clues of whole creation and designing for the exhibition hall. Though “water” changes of moving and quiet, given the vitality of the exhibition hall, and shows the orientation, ecology, water management method and vision planning.

    The exhibition hall interior designed with ecological, environmental and technological mode, followed avant-garde, bold, modern as the principles, to become the first domestic government helped planning the ecological and environmental benchmark exhibition hall.

    View area is the core of exhibition hall, mainly uses the domestic original digital sand table with sound, light, electronic to show. Represent the true though the grand of arc film 3D screen. Opening with history, Reproducing of good ecological environment and rich cultural landscape during agrarian era in Lingnan water village. Then, show in recent years, the changes of industry development, and the future plan of industry park for related departments, let each visitors can feel the future harmonious and beautiful.

    During the introduction of constructed wetland, we use sand table with LCD ultra narrow and assemble screen, transparent acrylic material of model, Let the complex process of water management, purification, regeneration and recycle for Yanling constructed wetland, present to all levels of leaders and visitors simply and intuitively.

  • Shekou General Planning Project
    Shekou General Planning Project

    Model Scale 1:5000
    Model Size 5.5m*8m


    Model Design:
    Shekou general planning project ,Shine Model use digital sand table multi-channel projection image mosaic, stereo 3D sound, intelligent media equipment control technology, based on the traditional physical sand table, multimedia display and interactive functions , Fully embodies the location characteristics, supporting facilities, project features and other information. Can be displayed with configured arc screen, straight screen, lifting yarn, but also independent display. The digital sand table was used in the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People 's Republic of China into the exhibition.

  • Dubai city rail station project
    Dubai city rail station project

    Dubai city rail station project, Shine Model pay great attention to detail performance in the process of making. According to a certain proportion to produce precise rotary passenger elevator, escalator, light rail car body, light rail track, which shows the professional and imaginative attitude.On the one hand, tried to meet the functional requirements of the project, while through sculptureand other craft techniques, showing different facades, highlighting the professional-quality of Shine Model.

  • Shenzhen Geologic Model
    Shenzhen Geologic Model

    Model Scale 1:8000
    Model Size 4.5m*7.5m


    The whole terrain southeast high, northwest low, most are the low hilly land, with a gentle platform. The highest mountain in the region is Indus Hill with 943.7 meters above sea level.

    About Design:
    Shenzhen East-West long is 49 km , north-south width is 7 km, for a comprehensive program of regional planning, Shine Model set up a digital sand table, sound and photoelectric technology, and digital high-tech film .

    Different colors of light of the design,and show different degrees of the planning area with the regional division, traffic conditions and mountains to the green landscape of the ecological landscape, the natural blue water.Looking ahead at a glance.


  • Dubai Zoo Technology Exhibition
    Dubai Zoo Technology Exhibition

    Dubai Zoo Science Display is combined free standing type digital sand table with flat screen digital sand table, apply to multi-channel image fusion technology,3D space background processing system, intelligent central control system integrated technology, Unites traditional physical sand table with arc screen bilateral interactive demonstration, So that fully display the city and project planning, geographical characteristics and other information.

  • Liupanshui Water town four modernizations Achievements Exhibition Hall
    Liupanshui Water town four modernizations Achievements Exhibition Hall

    Model Scale 1:3000

    Model Size 8m*15m


    In the history of Western Development golden opportunity, Guizhou Water town walk out a unique way of catching up. Watertown four modernizations exhibition hall as the county's publicity window, investment platform, the county people's education base, used the high-tech display technique, set sound light and electric , interactive projects, digital television and other modern visual effects, vividly show new Water town "four modernizations" achievements and bright future.

  • City University of Macau
    City University of Macau


    Project Name: City University of Macau
    Project Location: Macao Special Administrative Region
    Entrusted by: City University of Macau
    Sand table design company: Shine model (Shenzhen model company)
    Model Scale Size: Visual Scale
    Sand plate model size: 3m * 2m

    Project Overview:
    Macau City University is the first modern university in Macau. It is formerly known as the East Asian University in 1981, has three campuses and its main campus is located at the University of Taipa, Macau.This is the new site that located at the site of the University of Macau,which is about 38,000 square meters.

    Macau City University, pay attention to Manner, erudite, the overall architectural style advocating simple and natural, so the case of the model for the simple atmosphere of the gray. The details are simple. The roof with a unified color of the tile, and different facade decorative geometric patterns are different.

    The project manager says:
    University campus is a natural beauty of the ecological environment, can cultivate sentiment, purify the mind. The ecological landscape in the campus shape, with particular emphasis on color and light of the overall coordination. The latest upgrade of the multimedia sound, light, electricity technology, tailored for the campus landscape, respectively, from the teaching building, landscape green, intelligent transportation, scene atmosphere of four aspects of rendering, to create an inclusive, vibrant modern university campus.


  • Shaoguan city planning exhibition hall
    Shaoguan city planning exhibition hall

    Shaoguan city planning exhibition hall located in the new Furong town, about 1800m2 area of construction, the display window of Shaoguan city, the public bridge of communication, the platform of investment attraction and propaganda the position of the rural and urban planning .

    During the overall planning and creativity, themed history development, planning and construction achievement, looking forward the future as the blueprint with Shaoguan city, linked together, each progression, comprehensive display planning and construction of Shaoguan city.

    With the modern design style, take full advantage of long arc, curves, circle and other element, to make the hall style advanced and original. Apply lots of high-tech display, cooperating explanations with physical showpiece, let limited space carry more information. The most attractive is when the digital sand table area is 528 m2 large, we will adopt multi-channel projection and vertical projection with sound, light, electricity into each link, cover the abstract graphic planning superimposed on the specific sand table model, To overcome the content disadvantages from previous planning exhibition by single, boring and understanding, make the planning content more straightaway

    Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Yang Wang appears at Shaoguan planning hall, and give high praise of planning design and high-tech display technique usage.

  • Australian standard model
    Australian standard model

    This is elaborating project made bu Shine Model, the overall model is simple constructing with conceptualization. Shine selecting different model-building materials, perform the different functions respectively of main building. To avoid building shape boring, create different building facades, with different intensity colors of light for contrasting, to enhance the appearance of the whole model.

    The water, green, transportation in the project use a simple color concepts, the whole model with clear thinking, planning and tidy.

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